Our services

M.Fischer Büro- und Computer Service was founded in 1998. Beginning of 2012 the company was split into the corporate MDF and M.Fischer.

In September 2014 M.Fischer Büro- und Computer Service and MDF merged the company services fishing to the joint company of MDF.

The company of MDF is divided up as follows services fishing.

MDF IT Service see https://www.m-Fischer.de
MDF Metal, Construction and Steel Construction planning office see https://www.mdf.li
MDF Estate, Realty Biel placement and support

Planning Office for statics • construction • steel structure • facade construction • steel glass • stainless steel stage construction • staircases and much more.

We plan with a 3D program. Derivatives (part - and assembly drawings) in steel construction are represented as 2D drawings. Overviews and assembly drawings are created as 3D.

NC and DSTV BOM data can be created by us.

Necessary statistics produced by us in close cooperation with our structural engineers.

Bill of materials for the production may be issued as PDF, Excel.

Special areas of our specialist planners

We create outline plans and workshop drawings for you with a 2D or 3D program. Our main field of expertise is planning in steel construction.