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3D-Surveying with the Tachymeter Hilti POS 15

We survey your project and provide you with a CAD file, available in DWG and DXF format. Otherwise, you may rent the equipment for a daily fee.
We look forward to your request.

- Precise: reflectorless distance measurement directly on the surface
- Plan in the unit thereby: Unique stake-outs  from graphical CAD blueprint directly on the
- Data as DXF or DWG file

- Horizontal stake-outs for excavations, formworks, attachment points at ceiling and floor.
- Vertical stake-outs for attachment points at facades and walls
- Exact 3D-Measurement of distances and anglesMessen von Distanzen und Winkeln
- Transferring control lines over different floors of a building and vertical point transfer
- Checking of the alignment of finished parts and formworks

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